There are places still able to amaze us, places that still tell us softly about their deep story and about the people, who lived them.

Col del Vento Alpine farm is one of them.

Col del Vento Alpine farm is in Chesuna – Kan-Züne in our ancient language of the Cimbri, the dialect of Germanic origin, once spoken here on the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.

Come for a visit

for a little taste of our good cuisine,
for a glass of our wine,
for a stroll down our ancient paths,
to see the sunset,
to do horseback riding,
or just simply to have a chat
Sartori family

The dream of a family

A life close to nature, mountain and animals. Col del Vento Alpine farm is, first of all, the dream of our family, the dream of rediscovering the simple and deep things of the past in our life and sharing the good things of our land with the people around us.

An Alpine farm down the street from Chesuna

It’s easy to reach us and we can suggest you to do that the easy way to live the mountain: on foot, by bicycle or maybe on skis or wearing snowshoes, along the ancient paths linking together Col del Vento and Chesuna or from Asiago, through the “Via del Vecchio Trenino” (the street of the old little train).

In the heart of the Altopiano

Col del Vento is Bint Ekkele in our ancient language of the Cimbri. We are here, just outside the town, lying on a hill where the wind is always blowing. From here, you can admire the whole beauty of the landscape of the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni.




I’ve always dreamed of being a cheesemaker

The ancient nickname of my family is “Marcioro”. I took the cheesemaker course in San Pietro di Feletto (TV) at the dairy Latteria Perenzin – INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF CHEESE MAKING ART. My dream for Col del Vento is precisely to be a cheesemaker. Col del Vento Alpine farm goes back to being a small cheese dairy, always open to its guests, with tours und didactic works dedicated to cheese making.


I’ll show you the Altopiano riding my horses

I love animals and the freedom of country living. I got the Equestrian Guide certificate after a long training at the Appaloosa Riding School in Gallio, on the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni. In Col del Vento Alpine farm there will be also Cheina and Olga, two inseparable horses of the Sartori family, whose story I will tell you.


We will run at breathtaking speed on the pasturelands of Col del Vento

To ride through the pasturelands from morning till night, to pet the animals of the farm, to roll in the fields’ slopes… these are some of Nicole’s dreams for Col del Vento.


Every new day begins here a new adventure

In Col del Vento there’s always time and space to play and do discover every day something new, so, simply, among the natural wonders.

An Alpine farm to live

Here in Col del Vento everything is easy, genuine, spontaneous and natural as a smile.

Come, wherever the wind desires

Col del Vento Alpine farm

Via Case Ranzolin Località Perghele CESUNA / KAN-ZÜNE


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