Everyone at the table!

Delicious snacks and genuine tastes of a good family cuisine

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A mountain farm

From the Burlina cow, to the legendary Foza sheep, here in Col del Vento you can discover the story of the animals that have been accompanying the people in these mountains for centuries. You will be friends with the inhabitants of our small but special farm, you can take care of our animals, caress them, and maybe cuddle them with your kids; because we believe that nothing is more beautiful than discovering the beauties of the nature except through warmth and contact.

Everyone at the table! Delicious snacks and genuine tastes of a good family cuisine

Polenta, Sopressa, Asiago malga cheese… here in Col del Vento everything tastes good and genuine, and all of our recipes follow the slow passing of the mountain seasons.


Spring is time for herbs, for caraway soups, for dandelion greens (radici in dialect), autumn is time for mushrooms from our woods and winter for very hot polenta and strong tastes of aged cheeses.

And then rosehips (stropacui in dialect) jams and dandelion or chestnut honey, to party with our delicious cheeses.

Finally, ask our Stefano (the head of the family) whether he has some Barbusto (a typical sausage of Vicenza province) for you or not!

And then there’s the “Malgacaffè” of Col del Vento

Here in Col del Vento we enjoy spending time together: come and visit us, even for a coffee, for a drop of wine, or simply to have a talk after your afternoon walks.

When dreams come true: let's learn the ancient art of the cheesemaker

Yes, the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni is the “cheese capital” and you must know that there is no other place in the whole alpine region with a heritage as rich as ours, as regards the extension of high altitude pastures and number of alpine farms.
Our Stefano Sartori “Marcioro” is a real cheese doctor and he graduated at the International Academy of Cheese Making Art.
Soon Col del Vento Alpine farm will be once again a small dairy where our guests will discover step by step the ancient cheese making art.

 Gentle walks: walking, riding, go biking, snowshoeing, skiing, through ancient paths to discover the Altopiano and its legends

The Altopiano dei Sette Comuni is a gentle mountain, to be traversed and discovered through a net of centuries-old paths, often bordered by the “stoan platten”, some limestone slabs, that were once used to delimit properties and to keep the animals at pasture.
Walking through these paths is a real step back in the history that will let you discover the Altopiano and the legends related to its most magical and mysterious places; such as the ones dedicated to the big karst chasms in the ground, the “loch” in the cimbrian language.
Let us accompany you from Col del Vento to the chasm of “Giacominerloch” in Cesuna, we will tell you also its legend.

Riding in the mountains

With your boarding horse at Malga Col Del Vento
you will have the opportunity to discover and travel whenever you want
the streets and landscapes of our mountains

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Come, wherever the wind desires

Come, wherever the wind desires